by Tueur

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    A CD landed on the desk of Human Jigsaw records at the end of 2010 with the words "Tueur - TheDeadSpeak" scrawled across it and a crumpled note in the plastic wallet saying "Turn out the lights. Turn up the volume. See where it takes you."

    Curiosity prevailed and the instructions were followed as per the note.

    WARNING: This 'music' has truly transcendental qualities and in some cases may cause hallucinations.

    This is a recording that was made 7 years ago by 2 men, (ex members of Insidious/NecroWhore) who set out to create the most horrific and psychologically affecting music possible, with influences ranging from SUNN to Sargeist, Tueur's "TheDeadSpeak" has been described as disturbing, dirging and mentally destructive.

    The recording had an extremely limited release and was banned from myspace and general sale in most stores. The original limited batch of CD's was destroyed, this re-release was spawned from the master recording direct from source.
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released February 14, 2011



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